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The second  year  MA  student  of  Real Estate  Assessment specialty, Aida  Mkhitaryan, participated  in  the  competition conducted  by  the  Civil  Service  Council  of  the  Republic  of Armenia  and  got a  certificate,  which  enables her  to hold  a position  of  Junior  Civil Servant.

Our student, overcoming a written test, scored 50 of a possible 50 points, recording the absolute results. The Chief of the RA Civil Service Council, Manvel Badalyan,  awarded  the  certificate to  Aida  Mkhitaryan.

In the  interview  with ASUE  Media and  Public  Relations Division  Aida  Mkhitaryan  mentioned  that she  had  graduated Labor  Property Relations  specialty, Armenian State  University  of  Economics,  and  she  would  like  to  work in State Committee of the Real Estate Cadastre  of the  Republic of  Armenia.

The lecturers  advised  her  to  participate  in  the  competition  of  Civil Service Council  and  to  get  certificate  of  civil  servant and  recorded excellent results.

“I  would  like  to  mention that the  knowledge gained  in the  University  helped  me  greatly, especially knowledge of legislative acts.  As  I’ll  complete my Master's Degree  in a few  months,  I  am interested  in my  future  career.  My  lecturers Armen Rubenyan  and  Arayik Harutyunyan oriented  me on my  way  of  professional job search, due  to their   advice  I  participated  in this  competition and  got  this  certificate.   Now  I  should  follow  the  announcements  regarding  appropriate  vacancies  and  participate  in competitions:  I  think the  certificate  will  help  me  greatly.   I  want  to  thank my  lecturers  and the  Head of  the  Chair  of  Environmental  Economics,  Professor, Suren Gevorgyan, for the  gained  knowledge”;  mentioned the  student.

Note, that  more  than 100  people  participate  in this  competition,  among  them  only  our  University  student scored  the maximum points.

We  congratulate Aida  Mkhitaryan  and  wish  her  new  success  on her  way  to  her  future  career.

ASUE  Media  and  Public  Relations  Division

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