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Today, Doctor  of Social Sciences, Professor Laboratory for Studies in Economic Sociology, Faculty of Sociology | Department of Economic Sociology, Higher School of Economics-National Research University, chief editor  of  “Мир России”  magazine, Svetlana Barsukova, conducted  a lecture  entitled “ What is economic sociology or why sociologists  study the economy if there are economists?” in ASUE center  for  international programs. Head  of  Foreign  Relations  Division, Armenian State  University  of Economics, Vard  Ghukasyan,  collaborators, students  of  Bachelor  and  Master  Degree  attended  the  lecture.

First  of  all  the  Professor presented sociology, its  objects of study,  problems,  goals, then  highlighting the  profession  of  sociologist, mentioned its  features. Svetlana Barsukova, referring to  economic sociology,  explained  the  interconnection  between  economics  and   sociology,  as  well  as  the  specialists  activities  dealing  with economics  and  economic sociology.

The  Professor mentioned that  economic sociology studied human behavior  in economic sphere,  researched  and  analyzed  it  and  developed  a  theory  based  on it,   which  could  contribute  to economic development.  The  task of  economist-sociologist to  identify the  causes  and  reasons which  motivate to  display  this  or  that  behavior.

Svetlana Barsukova  introduced  the economic sociology  as   a  branch of  sociology, such as political, family sociology.  The  speaker  answered  the  participants’  questions, and  she  also  asked  questions.

The  students were interested  in the  lecture: the 3rd  year  student  of  the  Department of   Management, Karine  Babayan,  told  Media  and Public  Relations  Division  that the  lecture  contributes to  students’ comprehensive development; “Before  attending the  lecture  I was just  aware  of  the  concept  of  economic sociology, and  now I  have significant knowledge on the  profession”.

P.S. Svetlana Barsukova    has  conducted  two  lectures at ASUE : “What is the informal economy: prevents or helps the formal economy?”   and “ What is economic sociology or why sociologists  study the economy if there are economists?”.



ASUE  Media  and Public  Relations  Division 

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