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Today, international expert Klimans Tatil Zheleghan  was  hosted  at “AMBERD”  Research Center, Armenian State University  of  Economics.  The  latter  visited  Armenia by  invitation of UNDP Armenian Office.  The  mentioned office  joint with Climate Change Information Center of Armenia  carries  out  survey on investment opportunities of agricultural insurance in the  Republic  of  Armenia.

In the  interview  with  ASUE  Media  and Public  Relations  Division   the  Director  of “AMBERD”  Research  Center  Samvel Avetisyan outlined,  that the  Research  Center  draw  attention on climate change impacts on different sectors of  economy, including agriculture. The  process of adaptation measures, ways  to  improve  them in our country were  being  discussed  in this  context.

“Agriculture is essential, but risky area, therefore  attention should  always be  draw on the existing problems  and solutions  to them should  be  given.   Within the  framework  of  adaptation measures  of  economy in the RA agricultural insurance problem should be highlighted, which is currently lacking in our country.  Almost every day we meet natural disasters, farmers are powerless to fight against  them.  That’s  why  we  should   find  best investment opportunities and mechanisms  of agricultural insurance”;  said  the  Director.

During the  meeting, Samvel  Avetisyan  presented three research programs   conducted  by   the  Research  Center, then research directions,  conducted  and  expected   outcomes.  Then the  expert, based on her own experience,  stressed those  main  principles  and  mechanisms,  which were necessary   for agricultural insurance.  International  experience  were  discussed.

Director  of  Research Center  highlighted future cooperation, and expressed  hope  that the  meetings    would  be  continued.


ASUE  Media  and Public  Relations  Division 

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