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Intermediate   discussion  of  research entitled  “Assessment  of  Socio-Economic Impacts  of  Climate  Changes  and  Adaptation Measures  in the  RA”,  conducted  by  a  group of  Master’s Degree  students,  was  held  today  at  “AMBERD”  Research  Center.

Samvel  Avetisyan,  Director  of  the  Center, Doctor, Professor,  is  the research group facilitator, Meline  Yesayan, Tatevik Tovmasyan  and Tatevik Kocharyan  are  members  of   research group.

First  of  all   content  of  the  research  was  presented,  then they  spoke  about  the  effects  of  climate  changes, thermal effects, thermal gas emission sources, manifestations of climate change.

The group  has  analyzed the effects of climate change  and has  made  predictions till  2100.  The  part  of  the  research, which  showed  the  impact  of  climate change on different sectors of the economy,  was  very  interesting.

The researchers  highlighted  complex  measures against harmful climate changes.  The importance of using alternative energy sources was  highlighted, they  spoke  about  investment  opportunities   and  advantages  of  urban green lighting.

After the  students’  speeches the  collaborators  of  the  Center: Vardan Atoyan , Director  of “National Security Research”  Program, Candidate  of Economics, Armen Grigoryan, Director  of  “National Competitiveness and Internationalization of Research” Program, Candidate  of Economics, Associate  Professor, Suren Babajanyan, Chief  Specialist of  the  Center, asked  questions  and  presented  their  observations.

Samvel Avetisyan expressed  gratitude  to  members  of  research  group,  mentioned  that there was over  a  month to complete the research, which  would  enable to  grind  the work  and present  it. “You  should  stress  the  suggestions,  which you  would  like  to present. I hope  that  we’ll get  good  done  job”;  concluded  the Director.


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