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One  of  the  most excepted measures for  the  students: annual “Student Spring” festival, organized  by SC ,  launched  today at ASUE  Big Hall. The  festival  began  with the  performances of  “Club of cheerful and resourceful”  teams of  the  Departments  of  Management, Accounting  and Audit, Computer  Science  and  Statistics. ASUE  Big  Hall  was overcrowded. The team of each  Department  presented  unique and  interesting performances.

Note, that  tomorrow, on May 27, the  teams  of  the Departments  of Finance, Marketing and Business Management, Regulation of Economy 
and International Economic Rеlations will have  performances. The members  of  SC  inform that the festival will be  summarized  on May 29  during a     Gala Concert: the  winners   will  be  awarded  after  song and  dance contests.    



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