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The  presentation  of  the  research  conducted  by the  student  of  Master’s  degree   among  “think tanks”  of   World's leading  Universities   took  place  today at  ASUE  “AMBERD”  Research  Center. They talked about the  activity  of  “think tanks”  of  Hoover,  Columbia, London  Schools  of  Economics. The  team  of  young  researchers (the  2nd  year  students  of  Master’s  Degree,  International  Economic Relations)  studied  and  raised  the  goals,  missions, ideology  of each international “think  tank” and the  main  component  of  the activity which they are guided by.

Note, that  the  Administration of    ASUE  “AMBERD”  Research  Center  started  a  project  involving  students  in research  programs.  The  first  program  launched  within the  framework  of   “National  Security  Research”  program  headed  by  Vardan  Atoyan, the  Program’s  Director,  Candidate  in Economics.   

Ruzanna  Tadevosyan, a  member  of  the  team,  the  2nd  year  student  of  Master’s  degree  at  the  Department of  Regulation of Economy 
and International Economic Rеlations,  presented  the research  by  slide  show,  and  in the  interview  with  ASUE  Media  and  Public  Relations  Division mentioned; “Our  study  conducted  among  the  “think  tanks”  of  International  Universities  will  help  us  to  invest the  experience  of  these  centers   in  our  country.  We  have  conducted deep and comprehensive research,   paying  attention  to the  principles  on  which the  leading  “think tanks”  rely.  We  have  planned  to  present  the  final  result  of  the  research on February”.

As  the  students  noted  there was  one  general principle for  almost  all  “think tanks”,  that  is the  ability to  make  the theoretical  part  applicable  in  practice. 

Samvel  Avetisyan,  the  Director  of  “AMBERD”  Research  Center,  mentioned  that  the  results of  the  research  were  quite interesting. The  Director  evaluated the  students’ enthusiasm  and  interest  in  conducting research and  highlighted  a good attitude towards work.  Samvel  Avetisyan  urged  the  researchers  to  outline the activities and mechanisms which  would  lead  them  and  their  work.

In the  interview  with our division  the  students  mentioned  that the  results  of their  work were   already  visible and  the  most  important was that  methods   were  being  developed to  use their  acquired knowledge in  practice  of ASUE  “AMBERD”  Research Center.

Vardan Atoyan, the  Director  of   “National  Security  Research”  program, Candidate  in Economics,  headed  the  team’s  work,  coordinating  their  work, regularly discussing  problems  and  working  directions. We  tried  to  find  out  whether the  Director  was  satisfied  with  the  work  the  students  had  done.

“I think the work done up to this moment can be considered positive. The  young  researchers  have done capacious work,  as a result  they  have  comprehensively studied the tasks given them. Of  course there are still  tasks  to  be  done,  particularly the  sphere of  “think tanks” of  Armenian  Universities should  be  studied, problems  should  be  raised  and  specific recommendations should be made based on them. The  students  involved  in the  research should  deal  with  these  problems  during  the next one and a half months,  at  the   same  time taking  into account  the  comments  and  suggestions  regarding  already   done  work.

I am sure  the  results  of  the  research  should be  useful  for  both  the  researchers,  through  which  they  acquire  new  knowledge  and  research experience,  and  “AMBERD”  Research  Center as  a research of national and international experience, the positive results  of which can  be  put into practice  of  our  University”;  said  Vardan Atoyan.

The previous  publication regarding  the  start  of  the  research  project conducted  by  students  is  presented  hereուսանողների-մասնակցությամբ-հետազոտական-ծրագրի-մեկնարկ-ամբերդ-կենտրոնի-կողմից-1208.

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