Scientific Seminar on Statistical Issues at the Professional Chair

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On  October 26, scientific seminar of the  Chair of  Statistics was  held, during  which some outcomes of  the scientific-research topic - “Statistical Issues of Economic Development and Poverty Assessment in the Republic of  Armenia”, were  presented. The  seminar  was  attended  by Armen Ktoyan, acting Chair, Associate Professor, Directors  of scientific-educational laboratories, representatives of the  Chair, the  University employees, students.

Armen Ktoyan welcomed  the  attendees  and  presented the  work  done  and the planned one within the  frames of  scientific-research topic, spoke about the  logic and approaches to the selection of reports for the seminar.

Anush Shirinyan, Assistant Professor  of  the Chair of Statistics, reported  on the assessment of Armenia’s territorial development disparity by multiple-statistical analysis methods.

The speaker touched upon the general assessment of the RA territorial economic development by means of cluster and factor analysis methods, on basis  of its outcomes the analysis of the key factors of the RA territorial development disproportion.

Ani Khachatryan, Assistant Professor of  the  Chair of Statistics, researcher of “AMBERD” research center reported  on reforms as a preview  of  socio-economic development and the assessment of their main outcomes.

The reports were accompanied by interesting and depth inquiries of the audience, with a remarkable professional discussion. In conclusion, Armen Ktoyan pointed out the main directions of the research activities of the Chair and presented the issues to be discussed during the upcoming seminar. They are mainly related to the solution of socio-economic specific issues using modern statistical analysis methods.


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