UMEF Professor Spoke on Leadership and Management Issues

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Salvatore Moccia, Professor of Swiss University,  is hosted at our University to teach ASUE students of “Business Management” joint Master Program of  ASUE  and Swiss UMEF University.  

ASUE Science  and PhD Division has initiated series of language courses  aimed  at improving linguistic  and  professional skills  of senior courses’ students. Today, Salvatore Moccia  reported  on “Leadership and Team Building”. The meeting was  attended by Gagik Vardanyan, Vice Rector  of Science  and International Relations, Khoren Mkhitaryan, Head of Science  and PhD Division, Aghavni Hakobyan, Head of Educational Division.

In his  welcoming  speech  Gagik Vardanyan urged students  to attend  meetings with representatives of the Swiss University actively and expressed conviction that they would contribute to the replenishment of knowledge.

During the lecture, Salvatore Moccia analyzed the peculiarities of teamwork and human resource management.  He  stated  that the basis of the  progress  of  today’s organizations  and companies is teamwork, but  the role of  the  manager is  also  important, who in his/her  turn implies the outcomes  of the overall work. The professor noted that it’s not accidental that today employers are choosing the  one, who performs teamwork, has communicative skills and good behavior.

The professor specifically pointed  out  the  working methods by which the leader, the manager should be guided.

Information on the upcoming lectures by UMEF professors  will be posted in the ASUE official website.


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