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The  lecturers,  employees,  students  of the Chair  of  Microeconomics  at  the  Department  of   Regulation of Economy and  International  Economic  Rеlations  had  an opportunity  to participated  in  training  lesson  of  “Smart Notebook”  program  at  the  auditorium with an  electronic  blackboard, which  was  conducted  by  a consultant  of  “Alpha” firm educational programs  Karine  Sirekanyan.  The  latter  mentions that  all  those  organizations  to which  their  firm  sells  digital  blackboards, continues to provide services,  particularly, to perform a technical inspection,   software  update,  trainings   of  new  programs  for  the  employees and  learners.

“As a consultant  of  educational  programs  I  mainly  work  at  schools  and  Universities. Our  firm  has  sold  four  such  blackboards  to  your  University  and  we  are  ready to provide  both  technical  service  and  installation and training programs. They  are  important  for  both  lecturers  and  students”; said  the  representative of   “Alpha” firm.

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