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Rectorate  Board’s  special  session was convened  today  at  ASUE,  the  RA  Minister  Armen  Ashotyan’s  writ  was  presented. The  Vice-Rector  of  Educational-Organizational  Matters Mihrdat  Harutyunyan  mentioned  that the  RA  and  foreign  students  who  had  one  or  more  academic debt  because  of  lack of progress, extension of  right of  military  service  are  allowed  to  pass  another academic  debt.    The  Vice-Rector  recommended to  check  in the  data  of  students  fitting  these  conditions    and  to  organize  exams  with  individual  reports.

The  Head of  Educational-Organizational  Division  Armen Karakhanyan  announced  that the  exams  would be  organized  on  Monday  at 14:30  at  ASUE  Main  building, the  3rd  floor.

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for  more  information and  clarification  apply  to   Dean  Offices  and  Educational-Organizational  Division.

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