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Monthly  meeting  of  “Ararat” project  took  place  at  international cooperation center  of  Armenian State  University  of  Economics, which  was attended  by  co-partners, collaborators  of  ASUE Quality  Assurance  Division  headed  by  Nerses  Gevorgyancollaborators  of  ASUE  Career  and   Marketing   Center   headed  by  Karen Babajanyan.

Welcoming the participants  Nerses  Gevorgyan  mentioned  that the  meeting  aimed  at evaluating  by  the  results  of monitoring  the  work  done  during  the  previous stages  and     planning  future activities.

Then a member  of  Management  Committee  of  “Ararat” project Susanna Karakhanyan  spoke  and  referred to  the  monitoring  results  of activities  of Armenian eight  Universities, as  an  exemplary model  she  presented the implementation  issues  of  National Qualifications Framework in  South  Africa.

P.S. ARARAT is a three-year national project aimed at ameliorating the relevance of higher education to ever-changing labor market needs through establishment and operationalization of universities-employers cooperation nexus in Armenia.

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