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The  representatives  of  Student  Council  met the  first  year  students  of  the  Department  of  Regulation of Economy and International Economic Rеlations  today.

Note, that  the SC   started   the  serial  of  meetings  on  September  9.

The Vice  President of  the  Student  Council Sergey  Kharatyan and  the  Chief  Editor of  “Econom plus” student  magazine Hayk Bejanyan presented  the  structure  and activities  of  the  SC.

These  meetings  are  aimed  to  present  the  mission, goals, structure and activity  of  the  SC  to the  first  year  students  and  integrate  them  to  the  University student  life.

The  members of  the SC  awarded  the  2nd  year  student of  the  Department of Regulation of Economy and International Economic Rеlations ,  Armine Hovhannisyan, who  was  the 4000 one liking the  official page  of  the  SC  in Facebook.

During the  meeting  ASUE Media  and Public  Relations  Division  learned that  the  first  year  students already  follow  ASUE  official  website (, University’s  and Student Council’s  official pages in Facebook.

The  first  year  student  of  the  Department of  Regulation of Economy and International Economic Rеlations  Lusine Kharatyan said  that  she followed ASUE official  website, where everybody could  find more information about the University and learn about daily events.

The  President  of  Student Council Sevak Khachatryan, summarizing all  meetings, noted  that they  expected the 1st  year students’ active participation in Student Council activities. He also  expressed  hope  that the  freshmen would act  with new  initiatives  to  make  the  student life  and  entertainment  more  interesting.

By  the  way, ASUE  Student  Council restarts  the  serial of  historical, cultural, cognitive campaigns entitled “Recognize our Country”.  The  first campaign  of  this  academic  year  will be  organized  on September 21.

ASUE  Media  and Public  Relations  Division