The Last English Exam was Passed

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Another  group  of  ASUE members – 21 students,  interested in “Erasmus +” program passed  an English exam  conducted  by ASUE  Foreign Relations Division. This  was  the  last  exam of  this  semester.

Note, that  one  of  the  requirements  of  study  at  ASUE  partner  Universities for  the  2017-2018 academic year is knowledge of English:  the  applicant  should  submit a document (for  example TOEFL), in case the student does not have any language certificate, he/she can participate in the English language exam organized by the ASUE foreign relation division once a semester.

More  information on “Erasmus +” program is  available in ASUE  official website under “International Programs” heading.

Good luck to applicants.


ASUE Media  and Public Relations Division 

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