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The second relay of ASUE "Tntesaget" sport-health resort in Dilijan started today.

The first course students of Master's degree of finance specialty headed by the director of the course Karine Miqayelyan left Dilijan today in the morning. .

"I have been the director of this course since the first one , and it is already the third year that we go to Dilijan together, have a rest there. Vacation in Dilijan is unique and full of interesting events. It helps to create a warm and friendly relationship between the students, to make student life more remarkable"; Karine Miqayelyan told ASUE Media and Public Relations Division.

The latter mentioned that they are awaited vacationalists of the resort, as they actively  participate in all events, expeditions and help to clean the area.

"We accepted our course director's suggestion to organize our rest in Dilijan with enthusiasm. And it is already the third year that we spent unforgettable days in Dilijan"; mentioned a master Lusine Batikyan.

Note, that the sale of tickets of the resort is going on, and you can get it from Accounting Division , which will work on vacation period.

ASUE Media and Public Relations Division