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Project  adviser  “Tempus” and  Bilateral Cooperation with Industrialised Countries Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency Franz  Steidele had a  partnership visit  at  Armenian State  University  of  Economics.
P.S. It’s  the  first  time  that  Armenian University (ASUE)  is  the  coordinator  of  “Ararat” project.
Partners  of  “Ararat”  project  from the  RA  Ministery  of  Education and  Science,  National  Office  of  “Tempus” project  in Armenia,  partner  universities,  Armenia National Student Association  were  invited  to  the  meeting.
Note,  that our  University  has completely repaired  a  part  of  the  University equipped  with  modern technology,  designed  specifically  for  the implementation of  the  mentioned  project.  

Franz  Steidele visited  that  Center, then  expressed  his  admiration of the new center  during discussions regarding  the  process  of  the project.
The Responsible  of  “Tempus” projects  in our  region  expressed   gratitude    to  Armenian State  University  of  Economics for  reconstructing  such center  and  added that  he  had  visited  our  country  to  get  acquainted  with  the  process  of  “Tempus” projects  in Armenia, as  well  as to spend discussions. Franz  Steidele  highlights  that “Tempus” projects  are  tend  to  universities’ progress  and  aimed  to  have more  educated and knowledgeable  students.

ASUE  Rector,  Doctor  of  Economics, Professor  Koryun Atoyan welcomed the guest, mentioned  when  our  University  had  became  the  coordinator  of  “Ararat” project,  initially it was  decided to have  a  center  for  effective implementation   of  the  project.
The  coordinator  of  National Office  of  “Tempus” in Armenia  Lana Karlova presented  the guest,   referred  to  the  process  of  “Tempus”  projects  in Armenia,  and described  ASUE  Center  as  a wonderful  one.  
Current  issues,  problems,  cooperation  challenges  of  the  project  were  discussed  during the  meeting.

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