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Regular  session of Armenian State  University of  Economics  took  place  today  with  full  agenda.
The  Vice-Rector  of  Educational-Organizational  Matters  Mihrdat  Harutyunyan acted  with a  report  regarding  the  results  of  examination period  of  the  4th  course  students  of Bachelor’s  Programme  and  final  certification  committees,  underlining  that  the  number  of  students  having  excellent  results  was high.  At  the  same  time  the  Vice-Rector  informed  that  the  final  certification committees  had  been  already  formed,  the exams’ schedules  were  given  and the  process  has started  since  today.
The  senior specialist  of  ASUE  Quality   Assurance Division Anna  Pakhlyan   presented  a  report  regarding  preparatory  works  and  problems  of  the  University’s  institutional accreditation,  especially  presenting  the  steps  done  by the  University  to  pass accreditation.  
The  Head of  ASUE  Career  and  Marketing  Center  Karen Babajanyan refered  to organization of  Bachelor’s  and  Master’s  Programmes’  experiences,  the  problems  of  Dean’s  Offices  and  Chairs  of  the  Departments  and informed  that manufacturing, research and pedagogical experiences   had  been  organized  for  about 2300  students  during  the  current academic year,  1700  of  them   have  organized  the  experience  by  their  center  and  the  rest  of  them  by the  Chairs.   Karen  Babajanyan  also  refered  to  the  problems  of  the experiences’ organization process,  suggesting  to  make  steps  to  improve  them.   
The  Director  of  ASUE  Yeghegnadzor  Branch Sos  Khachikyan  acted  with  a report  regarding educational and scientific-research organizational works  of   the  Branch. All  reports  were  accepted  by  the  vote  of   the  ASUE  Scientific Council’s  members.
The  topics  of  thesis  and  scientific  directors  have  been  established  during  the  session,   educational-methodological  manual “Credit Management”  and  the  collection of  the  materials  of the  Conference  devoted  to  the  5th  anniversary  of ASUE  Yeghegndzor  Branch were  guaranteed  to  be  published.
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