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The  RA  Vayotz  Dzor Governor,  the  former  Dean of  ASUE  Department of  Management,  Candidate  of  Economics, Associate  Professor  Edgar  Ghazaryan held on a  lecturer  for  the  students  of  Armenian State  University of  Economics  by  the  initiative  of  ASUE  Students  Council.
The  topic  of  the  lecturer  was “Local self-government in the Republic of Armenia  and  the  main  directions  of  its  development”.  The  Governor  thanked  the Student  Council  for  the  invitation and for  the consistency  to continue  the tradition of  open classes, which’re  wonderful  way  to  enlarge  the  students’  knowledge and outlook.
Edgar  Ghazaryan deeply regretted on case of death of  the  students  Tigran Hayrapetyan.
Then  the  speaker  presented  and  reflected  with  main emphases  to the essence  and  formation background of  local self-government  in the  Republic of  Armenia,  the  existing  problems of  the system,  those  features  in Yerevan, development directions.
After  the  lecturer  the  students  had  an opportunity  to  get  answers  of  the question   regarding  the  problems  of  local  self-government  from the  specialist  who  has  already  reflected  those  problems  in his  scientific  researches  and accumulates  management experience  and   skills in this  field.
It is gratifying to see how the students surrounded their beloved lecturer and   directed  him  such  words  of   gratitude.
“I  am glad to  see  that  the  students’  attention  regarding  their  study, accumulation  of new  knowledge haven’t degraded and  I  am  ready to  help  them  with  my  knowledge  and  experience”, said  the  Government  Edgar  Ghazaryan  while  speaking  with  ASUE  Media  and Public  Relations  Division.

ASUE  Media  and Public  Relations  Division