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We’re  pleased to  inform  that  another  example  of  cooperation  between  ASUE-employer  has  become  reality: a large auditorium  has  been  repaired  and  equipped  by “ABB”   at the  Department of  Finance  at  ASUE,  and  opened  its  doors  to  the  students yesterday.  
Regular  example  of  cooperation  between our  University  and  employer  was signed  last  year, in the  framework  of  which  the  mentioned auditorium  has  been  repaired.  The  memorandum  provides implementation of a number of goals, including  implementation of  Master’s  program  of  financial and banking sector,  development of  subject  programs  and  education plans concerning to  banking,  providing scholarships for the best students,  organizing  their  practice  in  the bank  and  the  best  graduates  will  get  work.

The  Dean of the  Department of  Finance  Sergey  Suqiasyan  while  speaking with   ASUE  Media  and  Public Relations  Division  referred  to the  cooperation with “ABB”  and mentioned   that   wonderful example of cooperation.  “This  is such en example  of  working  with  the  employer,  when  our  problem becomes  the employer’s  problem and  we  do  a  joint  work  providing  good  staff  for  the  system”,  said  the  Dean.
The Dean also  informed  that  the list  of  the  best  students  from the  Department  of  Finance, as well as the Chair of International Economic Relations  was already presented  to  the  bank,  the  students  will  be chosen  by  the  interview  for  the  scholarship.
P.S. Agreements have  been  signed  between  a  number  of  State Structures directed to  the  University-employment  cooperation   headed  by  ASUE  Rector  Koryun Atoyan, in the  result of  which  a  number  of  Master’s  programs  are  implemented  in the  University  now.
ASUE  Media  and  Public Relations  Division