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Extended  session   of  ASUE  Scientific  Council  took  place  today  at  ASUE  Big  Hall, during which  ASUE  Rector,  Doctor  of  Economics,  Professor  Koryun Atoyan  had  a  report  presenting  the  results  of   educational  and  financial-economical  activity  of  2012  year, as well  as  the  main  indexes  of   the  2013 year’s  budget  project.

While  referring  to  the  main  directions  of  the  report, the  Rector  informed  that  extanded  works in all directions  have  been done  in  the  University  during  2012  and  the  report  will be addressed  to the  achievements of the reporting year, at the  same  time    presenting  fair  analysis  of   existing   defects.

The  Rector  reflected  the admission and  graduate   picture  of  the  past  year, spoke   about the  present  status  of  educational  process  and  directions  of  modernization and improvement. 

The International  process  of  the  University  was  observed deeply  in the    report, especially  mentioning  the  unprecedented success  of  participating  in international  projects,  that is  the  University  will  head  international  educational  project  in Armenia  for  the  first  time  within the  framework of  Tempus  project.

Koryun Atoyan    recorded  that  ASUE  had  recieved  permission  from the  RA  Ministery of  Education  and  Science  to  organize  foreign  citizens’  education  in foreign  languages  and  the process  has  already  started:  now  foreign students  study  in our  University.

Stressing  and  highlighting  the implementation  of  scientific-research  works   and  the  consistency  to  make  the  University   the  research  one, the  Rector  mentioned  that  scientific-research  center  would  be  created in the  University.   Parallel was  spent  that  the  University  had  announced   grant  contest  of  ogranizing  scientific  and  scientific-research  works,  which  would  be  financed   since  January, 2013.   Koryun Atoyan  reflected  that  the  scientific  life   of  the  University  was  evaluated  with the  scientific  22nd   

session which  was attended  by the  RA  Prime  Minister  Tigran  Sargsyan,    the   officials   of  financial-economic  fields  of the  Country.

Then the  Rector  referred  to  the activity of  ASUE  Media  and  Public Relations  Division,  works  of  organizing  students’  practice,  establishment and development of continuing education,  the  achievements  of    Student  Council,  repairing  works implemented in the  University, as well as  other  directions,  observing  all  problems  as  defects  which  should  be  solved.

Then the  Rector  presented  the  main indexes  of  the  2013 year’s  budget  project  and  answered  to  the  questions  of  staff members.

 Concluding speech,  the  Rector  congratulated  all  members  of  the  University  staff  on  New  Year  and  Mary  Christmas, wishing  that  the  future  to  be  the  year of  welfare, progress and success.

 The  Rector’s  extensive  speech  was  followed  by  short  speeches  of  the Dean of the  Department of  Accounting and  Audit  Ashot  Matevosyan,  the  Head of the  Chair  of  Marketing  Ararat  Zaqaryan,    the  President of  ASUE  Student  Council  Sevak  Khachatryan,  they  expressed satisfaction concerning to  the Rector’s  presented  report,  assessed  positive the work done during the past year,  recording an increase of prestige of our beloved University.

The  Head of  the  Chair  of  Management,  Academician  of  the  RA  National Academy of Sciences  Yuri  Suvaryan  and  the  Head of  the  Chair  of  Macroeconomics,  Professor  Ishkhan  Tigranyan    presented  reports  also.

 ASUE  Media  and  Public  Relations  Division