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Launch meeting  of  “Armenian coordination “University-Employer”  Agency”  Tempus  Project (№ 530321 TEMPUS-1-2012-1-AM-TEMPUS-SMHES) (“Ararat”) took  place  in Armenian State  University of  Economics  today,   the  representatives  of the project’s partner organizations:  Koblenz-Landau  University (UKOLD),  Germany,  European  Centre  of  Studies  and  Initatives  (CESIE), Italy,  Information  Systems  management  Institute  (ISMA), Latvia, World  University  Service-Austrian Committee (WUS), Austria,  University of  Alicante (UA) Spain,  as  well  as the ones of Armenian State  Pedagogical  University  nemed after  Kh. Abovyan,  Armenian State Engineering University  and  Vanadzor  Branch of  the  latter,  Pedagogical  Institute  in  Gyumri,  Armenian-Russian (Slavonic),  Gavar,  Goris  State  Universities,  National Center for Professional Education Quality Assurance,  "Synopsis Armenia" CJSC,  Armenian National Student  Association  visited  ASUE.

We inform that  Armenian State  University of  Economics  has  won  3  projects  of Tempus,  has  become  a  coordinator of  one  of the  projects (“Ararat”).  “Ararat”  is  a national  three-year  project   and  is  aimed  to  create  and  to  strengthen   university-employer  contact.

A  coordinator  of  “Armenian coordination “University-Employer”  Agency”  Nerses  Gevorgyan  welcomed  the   participants, highlighting  the  implementation  of  the  project  in Armenia,  especially  in Armenian university.

ASUE  Rector  Koryun Atoyan welcomed and  congratulated  the  participants  on  the launch of  the  project.  “The universities are being reconstructed according to new challenges. They become  open platforms for independent and creative mind, serving the society educational, scientific and other services. The exchange of information and documentation for the essential development of knowledge at the universities are needed, besides it is utmost necessary to have joint programmes as to enhance quality of education”,  considering the  role  of  university   essential  in implementing  educational  joint  projects  and programs, said  the  Rector.   He  said  that  Universities should gradually overcome marginalization and become not only open platforms/systems, but also they should bridge education with labour market. All the stakeholders, students, parents, employers, alumni, state organizations, NGO-s, in a word, the whole public should be involved in this process. 

ASUE  Rector  observed  that in modern world the mission of universities is not only to give education, but also to transfer knowledge, skills and competences necessary for independent, creative and active citizen.

““ARARAT” project, which we're going to implement during 3 years, is aimed to the salvation of theses challenges”,   said  Koryun Atoyan mentioning that  the goal of the project is to promote university – market cooperation, to implement educational reforms according to market needs.

The  Head of the  Department of Higher and Postgraduate Education of  the  RA  Ministery of Education and  Science  Robert  Suqiasyan  mentioned  that   the  RA  Ministery of Education and  Science  paid  a  special  attention to  Tempus  projects, because  of  which  such a field  was created, where  the  universities  could cooperate.  He  hoped  that  “Ararat”  project  headed  by    Armenian State  University of  Economics   would also  help  the  Ministery of Education and  Science  to  find better  tools  to  strengthen  university-employer  contact.

A  coordinator  of  “Tempus” Project’s  National  Office  Lana  Karlova  welcomed  partner  countries and  participants.  Presenting  “Ararat”  project to the  partnets  and  participants,  she assured  that  being  a  coordinator  of such  project  in Armenia  for  the  first  time ,  ASUE  would  coordinate  and  implement  it  successfully.

The  Head of  the  Department of  Policy Development and Implementation  of  Center for Professional Education Quality Assurance  Susanna  Karakhanyan  also  mentioned  that’s  first time  that  the  University  coordinated  the  project  and  presented  the  main  directions  of the  project.

Works  of  “Ararat”  project  will be  continued  tomorrow,  on December  14.

ASUE  Media  and Public Relations  Division