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Dear  students,  respectable  partners,  we  present  unprecedented  project.   ASUE  Media  and Public Relations  Division initiates  a  story  contest joint  with   Professor  Simon  Hakobyan  at  the  Chair  of  Physical  Training.

The  goal  of  the contset is to stimulate reading among  students,  to  reveal      creative individuals  among  Armenian State  University of Economics,  to  present  and encourage  those,  as  well as to expand  the  frame  of  readers  and  authors of  “Tntesaget”.  The project is  implemented  by the  support of  ASUE  Rector  Koryun Atoyan.

The  conditions  of the  contest:

  1. Free choice  of  topic.
  2. Size: the words  shouldn’t  exceed 2500 characters included spaces and punctuation marks  (about  5  pages,   linear distance  1, sylfean, font size 12).
  3. The presented material should be legible, without technical mistakes and should be written literate.
  4. Students,  lecturers,  members  of  administrative  staff,  workers  can  take  part in  the  contest (of  course  ASUE  Branches  also).
  5. The  presented  story  shouldn’t  be  printed  or  presented  in any  contest  formerly.
  6. Each  author  can  present only one  story.
  7. To  mention  contacts (phone  number,  e-mail) at the  end of  the  story.

You  should  present  the  story  to  ASUE  Media  and Public Relations  Division, as well as  send  it to the  following  e-mails:,

Deadline  is  March 1st, 2013.

Note, the  applicants  should  apply  with  pseudonym.  The  authors, who’ll  win  prizes  will get monetary awards (the 1st place  80.000 AMD,  the 2nd place 65.000 AMD, the 3rd  place 50.000 AMD)  and  certificates.    The  jury  will decide the winners  taking  account  the “like”-s of   the  official  page  in Facebook.    The  stories  will  be  published  in ASUE  official  webpage (, as well as  official  page  in Facebook.

The  resultsa of  the  contest  will be  summarized  on May.  The  best  stories  will  be  published  in “Tntesaget”  magazine.

ASUE  Media  and  Public Relations  Division