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Launch meeting  of  “Armenian coordination “University-Employer”  Agency”  Tempus  Project (№ 530321 TEMPUS-1-2012-1-AM-TEMPUS-SMHES) 
 will  take  place  in Armenian State  University of  Economics  on December 13-14,  hosting  the representatives  of  partner  organizations  including  Koblenz-Landau  University (UKOLD),  Germany,  European  Centre  of  Studies  and  Initatives  (CESIE), Italy,  Information  Systems  management  Institute  (ISMA), Latvia, World  University  Service-Austrian Committee (WUS), Austria,  University of  Alicante (UA) Spain.

The  coordinators  of  the  project  informs  ASUE  Media  and  Public Relations  Division  “Armenian coordination “University-Employer”  Agency”   Project is  a three-year national program  the goal  of  which  is  to  improve the relevance of higher education  according to requirements  of  the changing labor market:  establishing   University-Employer  cooperation  in Armenia.

One of the issues hindering the development of higher education  of the  RA  is distorted communication  between vocational education and labor market.  The  other hindering issue  is  the accordance of  student's abilities    with  work.  Connected  with  the  latter:  economic and social  separation  makes higher education rather complicated to the labor market  and  creates  additional  obstacles  for  labor mobility.  The  project  will  promote  to  solve  the  existing problems  between  higher education  and  labor  market, as well as  recognition of  National Qualifications Framework.

The objectives of project are:

*To  found  National  University-labor  market  network,  which will  promote  the  cooperation between   partner  universities  and  local  employers.
*To strengthen dialogue between universities and labor market  around the proposed  qualifications.

*To  use   National Qualifications Framework  and  to  review  the general final results of  education.

*To strengthen  abilities  of  the  University:  effective  management  of  career centers and alumni associations

* To strengthen  abilities  of  the  University:   effective  management of  the  Department  providing  university-labor  market cooperation.

Launch meeting of  the  project  will take  place  tomorrow  at  10:40a.m.  at  Big  Hall  of  our  University. 

P.S.ArmenianState Universityof  Economics  has  won  3  projects  of  Tempus.

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