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Speeches  of  the teams  of  the  Departments’  “Clubs  of the  Funny and  Inventive”  within the  framework  of  “Student Autumn 2012”  organized  by  ASUE  Student Council  started  today at  ASUE  Hall. The audience greeted the President of ASUE Student Council Sevak Khachatryan with high applause, who  welcomed  the audience,  all  participants  of  the  festival, especially  the  first  course  students.

“Our festival has aroused great enthusiasm among students.   A  number of  students, especially  the  first  course  students,  have  been  involved in  cultural,  sport, intellectual  contests  showing  that  they seek to  make  their  day  multifaceted”,  said  Sevak  Khachatryan  and  thanked  ASUE  Rector  Koryun Atoyan,  Armenian Youth Foundation  for  helping  and  supporting  them  always.

Sevak  Khachatryan  handed  awards  to  the  winners  of  sport  contests,  thanked  the  whole  staff  of  the  Chair of  Physical  Training  at  ASUE    for  the  help and  support  showing  in organization  of   sport  contsets  and  handed  certificate  and  awards  to the  Head of  the  Chair  Levon  Samvelyan.  Then the  President  of ASUE  SC  handed  certificates, awards  and  medals  to  the winners  of  sport  contest  and  the best athletes.

Then the  members  of  the  jury  were  presented:  the  President of  ASUE  SC  Sevak  Khachatryan,  Vice-President  Sergey  Kharatyan,  the Head  of  Career and Marketing   Center  Karen Babajanyan, the  Vice-Dean of the Department of  Finance Vahe  Miqayelyan,  a lecturer in the  Chair of  Marketing  Narek  Ghukasyan  and  Vice-Dean of the  Department of  Management  Mery  Badalyan. Teams  of  the  Departments  of  Management,  Marketing  and  Business  Management,   Computer Science and Statistics  had their  speeches.

The teams  of the  Departments  of  Finance,  Regulation of Economy and International Economic Rеlations, Accounting and  Audit  will have  their  speeches  tomorrow, on November 29.

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