"Lesson Without a Textbook": Event Aimed at Developing Communication Skills

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Today, Anahit Shahinyan, lecturer of the Chair of Languages delivered an English open lecture on “Types of a Person”  for the 1st year students of the Department of Accounting and  Auditing.  She referred  to students, workers, and other groups of people, distinguishing distinctive characteristics. The interactive  lesson was  attended by Susanna  Chalabyan, the Chair of Languages, lecturers.

Anahit Shahinyan asked  questions involving students; “What are the characteristics of successful and unsuccessful, optimistic and pessimistic, active and passive people?, How does a profession change the person and develop appropriate attributes?, What is the guarantee of success?, What does  make a person different and bright personality?”.

“In order to improve the communication skills, we often organize so-called lessons, discussions without textbooks, and this is the regular one. We also highlight the topic by choosing the ones, which interest and motivate students”; stated the  lecturer.

The  lecture was summed  up  by inspiring quote: “We were born to win, but in order to win, we must be given victory, be ready for victory, and expect victory”.


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