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Dear  students, Educational-Organizational Division  at  ASUE  provided  Media  and  Public Relations  Division  the protocol of two  decisions  accepted  during  Rector’s  board  session  taken  place last  week. We  present  the  latters below,

1.the  schedule (table  is  here, Armenian version)  of  examamination  period  of  the 1st  semester  of the  2012-2013  academic year  and  organization  of   educational  trainings of  the  2013-2014  academic year.

The  lessons  of the 5th course  of  part-time education system  for  the  2013-2014  academic year  will  be  organized  since September 16, 2013, with  6  weeks,

2.the  schedule  of  intermediate  and  final  examination period  of  part-time  and  full-time  Master  programs,  full-time  Bachelor  program of the  1st-4th courses.

Intermediate  test                   5.11.2012  - 16.11.2012

Test                                          20.12.2012 -28.12.2012

Final  examination period      8.01.2013 - 25.01.13

The  first  winding-up            31.01.2013 -7.02.2013

The  second  winding-up     13.02.2013 -22.02.2013

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