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Dear members  of ASUE,  visitors  of the  official  website  and   official  page  in  facebook of ASUE,  today is  the  last working day  of the 2011-2012  academic year.  The  members  of  ASUE Faculty’s  staff  and  students  are  already  on vacation.  The  workers  of ASUE will  go  on a  holiday  since  July 17.

ASUE  Media  and Public Relations  Division go  on a holiday  for a short  time, however   will  follow the  ivents  taken place  in  the University  and  will  present  the  urgent  information.

P.S. The  members  of the  Faculties’  staff  is  on a  vocation from July 12  to  August 28  and  will  return on August 29.  The  workers   will have  a  rest  from July 17  to August 10  and will  work  on August 14.

ASUE Media  and Public Relations  Division wishes  everybody to have  a pleasant  rest  to  meet  the  2012-2013  academic year with full of enthusiasm and positive energy.