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The  regular  session of the Student Council’s  general meeting  took place  today at ASUE Ceremony Hall.  The 2010-2012 years’ working report of  Sevak Khachatryan, the  President of the  Student Council,  the  election of the  President  of the Student  Council and  current other  issues  were in the  agenda.  Abraham Bakhchagulyan, the  former  President of ASUE Student Council, the  Head of State  Service  of  Food Security  of the  RA Ministry of Agriculture,  was the  President  of the  session.  Armen Alexanyan, the  President of  Armenia's National Association of Student, ASUE Deans, lecturers, students, 31 delegates,  selected  from the  6 Student  Councils  of the  Departments,  were present.

P.S. According to the Charter  the President of ASUE Student Council is  elected  by the general meeting, with two years term.

Sevak Khachatryan presented  the  analysis  of  the   works, including caltural, scientific, sport and other activities,   done  during two  years.

The  report of the  President of the Student Council  was evaluated  adequate.

Then the speakers  analyzed the  activity  of the  Student Council and pointed  new  working ways.

The  session  selected  and  formed  register committee,  which immediately began his working responsibilities.

The results  of closed-secret election  were established after  half  an hour: Sevak Khachatryan  was elected  the President of ASUE Student Council  with  absolute majority of votes: 31  ballots, 31 hands.

New  elected  President used the right  of speach and assured  that  the  Student Council was  ready to reach new  achievments  in the youth field  and  would start  creative  work since new academic year. 

ASUE Media  and Public Relations  Division  congratulates Sevak Khachatryan  and wished new  success, will to implement initiatives and emersions.