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The  seminar-training,   spent  in the   third  course  students  of  Marketing  specialty  in  ASUE  Department of Marketing and Business Management  in the  framework  of  "Marketing  Researches" and  "Franchising",   turned  into an  unique  presentation  of  McDonald’s  product,  which  was  attended  by  Gagik  Vardanyan,  the Vice-Rector  of  Science  and  International Relations,  Doctor  of Economics,  Professor,  Ararat  Zaqaryan,  the  Head of the  Chair,  Doctor  of  Economics,  Professor,  lecturers  of the  Chair,  students.  The  students,  implementing  Franchising (form  of productive entrepreneurial activity,  according  to  which a  number  of  well-known, highly-rated  brand  companies  implement  their  own  activities),  “became”  the  Armenian  Franvhaisers  of  McDonald’s (the physical or legal person,  who  buys  the  right  of  using  a  brand).  A  detailed  reference was done  to the history of the McDonald's,  business  process,  registered  success  and  progress, after  which   the  future  Franvhaisers  presented  all  seven  elements  of  McDonald's:  product, price, place, human resources, promotion, corporate culture, physical  evidence.  Noting  with regret  that  Armenia is  one  of the  small  number  of  countries where  there  is not   a  McDonald's. 

The  students  showed  the  strategies  of  bringing  McDonald’s  toArmenia.  Note,   the  students  presented  the  material  with  the uniforms symbolizing McDonald's-brand.

“It  is  already  the  fourth  time  that  such  presentations  are  organized  in this  course. Today  the  students, headed  by  Marine  Nikoghosyan,  the lecturer  of  "Marketing  Researches" and  "Franchising"  subject,  presented  not  only  a  serious  work  but  also  showed  a  creative  approch  and  express  their  own  opinion”,  mentioned  Ararat  Zaqaryan,  the  Head of the  Chair.

Gagik  Vardanyan,  the Vice-Rector  of  Science  and  International Relations, also  gave  importance  to such  seminars  and  expressed  his  satisfaction.

“Such  seminars  help us  to  get  practical  knowledge, experience,  skills”,  said the student  Varduhi  Hartenyan and  assured  that  they  were  preparing  for the  next  seminar  with  such  enthusiasm.

Remind  that  about  such three  seminars  we  have  already  written.