Discussion on Current Trends of Labor Market in the EU

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Today,  Ewa Rollnik-Sadowska /arrived to ASUE within the  frames  of “Erasmus +” program/, Dean of Economics Faculty of Bialystok University of Technology  (Poland), Doctor of Sciences /Economics/,  delivered an open lecture on “Current Trends of Labor Market Policy in the European Union” for ASUE students.

Today’s  meeting  was again initiated by Foreign Relations Division and is attended by Bachelor’s  and Master’s Degree students, as well as representatives of Faculty staff.

Vard Ghukasyan, Head of Foreign Relations Division, welcomed  the  attendees, underlining that cooperation with Bialystok University of Technology  within the frames of “Erasmus +” is effective  and since joining the program, ASUE 2 administrative staff members, 1 lecturer  implemented mobility in Bialystok  and 2 students had  studied  and another 2  are  going to leave.

Ewa Rollnik-Sadowska  gave a brief overview about her University, then referring to current trends of labor market policy in EU countries, presented a comparative analysis by countries, discussing the current condition of the labor market, problems of professional inactivity, the good practice of developed countries.

During the lecture students asked questions to the foreign speaker.


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