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   On January  31,  at the ASUE Conferance  Hall  a council  Session  took place, which was  attended  by   Hovik  Abrahamyan, the  president   of ASUE  council,   members  of   the   council Armen Ashotyan, the RA   Minister   of Education and Science, Stepan  Mnatsakanyan, the  president  of the  RA  National  Statistical   Service, Pavel  Safaryan, the first  deputy  of  the Ra  Minister  of Finance, Vahram Nersisyan, the director  of the  “Armenian Bank”, Ara   Kirakosyan,  the director   of the “HayBusiness  Bank”.  In General  25    council   members  of 32  were  present, including  the members  of  Faculty  and representatives   of students.

   Hovik Abrahamyan,  the president  of ASUE   Council, presented  the agenda, which  refers  to the  results  of ASUE  acadenic and financial  activities  in 2011 and  the  main   indexes  of state  budget  in 2012. Koryun Atoyan, the Rector of ASUE,  referring to  all  fields  of the University,  analyzed  the achievements  and defects  of the  University, presented  the  problems  which  demanded  urgent  solutions.  The Rector  also Presented  the results  of  the budget in 2011, as well as   the main  indexes  of the  current  year’s   budget.

   Lukash Badanyan, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Avetis   Berberyan, Associate  Professor  of the Chair  of Environmental  Economics, made  speeches, questions and recommendations during  the  session.

   Armen  Ashotyan,  the RA  of  Minister  of Education and  Science, speaking  about   the   entrance  of  the last  academic year, noted  that ASUE  has  a lower  index of  the number of   applicants, and   works  must  be  animated   in this   direction. The   Minister  attached  importance  of the  work   with  the   high school to  orientate  pupils  to the  University   and profession.

   ”ASUE is  one  of the  leading  scientific  and  educational  center, has  great  reputation and  high  rating”, said   Hovik Abrahamyan, the  president  of the  Council, attaching  importance  to   preperation  of high-quality  scientific  skills, “The Elders  should  be  able   to  transmit   their  rich  experience and knowledge  to the  youngs, the latters  must   study, obtain  new  and modern  knowledge.”

   Then Hovik Abrahamyan published  the  Council  decision:  to  approve   ASUE  educational, research  and  financial  activities  in 2011, to   evaluate  the  results  of budget  sufficient  and  to  establish ASUE   budget  in 2012.  The  decision  was   put  to the vote, and  the Council  adopted  unanimously.