"Introduction to Business": New Look, New Mentality

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Handbook “Introduction to Business” co-authored by Koryun Atoyan, ASUE Rector, Paruir Kalantaryan, Vic-rector  of Educational-methodological matters  and Mikayel Mardumyan, the Chair of Commerce and Business  Organization, has been published, which was guaranteed to publication by the decision of ASUE Scientific Board.

The essence and content of the concepts of business and entrepreneurship are discussed in the  handbook, the business system, the patterns of interests coincidence, as well as the regulatory environment and the organizational bases are introduced.

Mikayel Mardumyan told ASUE Media and Public Relations Division that the book  has already been tested in this half-year: the students of the specialty finance have been trained and provided a high level of test results.

“This handbook is a product of years' work and provides a general look at the business phenomenon. Our Chair is a profile, and there was a  need for the   handbook. It is based on new approaches and modern thinking, although it’s not excluded, in spite of the rapid development of the economic life and reforms,  later, there’ll be a  need to update the revised version”; Mikayel Mardumyan stated  and  added,  that this  course had  been  already  included in the program for several professions at our University, and in each case the teaching is adapted to that particular profession.

ASUE Media and Public Relations Division

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