ASUE and NUACA Signed Cooperation Agreement

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Today, Koryun Atoyan, Rector  of Armenian State University of Economics, and Gagik Galstyan, Rector of National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia, signed cooperation agreement showing the directions of further cooperation between the two Universities – educational, scientific-research, mobility, internationalization, informative, expertise and consultancy, logistics and etc..

Koryun Atoyan stated that ASUE  and NUACA are cooperating for  a long time. “I think we need to cooperate with  both  foreign Universities  and the ones  in Armenia, especially at a time when higher education is facing increasing difficulties”.  Cooperation is quite wide and inclusive – from educational, scientific-research joint programs to mutual recognition of credits. ASUE Rector  also referred to trilateral  agreement signed earlier between ASUE, NUACA and Polytechnic University of Valencia, highly evaluating cooperation of Armenian Universities in the  context of internationalization.

Gagik Galstyan, NUACA Rector, Doctor of Sciences, Professor, stated that the trilateral  agreement is an outcome of discussions  and studies, which creates good background and opens a wide field for cooperation in new directions. “Education is the mover of the science, and we should promote to development of this relation, creation of environment: expanding cooperation with Universities”; Gagik Galstyan mentioned, congratulating ASUE on behalf of  his University  and thanking for effective work and partnership.

Paruir Kalantaryan, Vice Rector of Educational-organizational Matters, presented  the cooperation agreement  and stated,  that tendencies of deepening Inter-university ties is noticed during the recent years all over the  world.  The  Vice Rector  mentioned, in international educational area, it’s topical to establish University consortia aimed  at contribution of gathering human, material and scientific resources. Paruyr  Kalantaryan underlined that it is a framework agreement containing broad directions of activity.

Two Universities plan to promote innovation of educational programs, carry out joint educational projects, stimulate  bilateral and multilateral research and development  programs,  fulfill joint international academic grant project,  form a joint group of experts aimed  to work with  both inter-university  and foreign universities, supply logistics base, joint use of  publications and library fund, cooperate within frames of joint training programs  for academic, administrative staffs and students, expand cooperation with the labor market and  etc..

P.S. Trilateral  agreement between ASUE, NUACA  and  Polytechnic University of Valencia was  signed earlier in Valencia on April 5, 2017, which will enable the exchange of students, Faculty and administrative staff, the implementation of joint research and joint Master’s degree program on “Project Management” and the awarding of double specialization diploma. The agreement was signed within frames of “Erasmus +”  “HERITAG”(Higher Education Interdisciplinary Reform in Tourism Management and Applied Geoinformation) project aimed at strengthening cooperation among Universities in the spheres of education, science, research and training.



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