Contributing to Financial Literacy: Open Lecture Hosted the Deposit Guarantee Fund

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Today, Hermine Harutyunyan, Director of the Deposit Guarantee Fund of Armenia, and Almast Muradyan, Assistant Director, were hosted  at the Department of Finance, ASUE. Norayr Safaryan, Associate Professor of the Chair of Banking and Insurance, initiated the open lecture, during which the activity, mission of the Fund were introduced.  Highlighting the citizens’ financial literacy, Director stressed the main goal of  the Deposit Guarantee Fund established by the RA CB is to promote reliability of the Republic of Armenia banking system, enhance the public confidence thereto and protect interests of depositors. The speaker referred  to the Fund activity, structure  and etc.. The  students  were greatly interested in the lecture, therefor it’s conducted in an interactive format.

Norayr Safaryan  told  ASUE Media and Public Relations  Division that such  lectures, delivered by representatives  of financial sector, were interesting for  students, sharing practical knowledge and skills.


ASUE Media  and Public Relations Division 

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