How to Analyze Business Risks: Scientific Seminar

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Today, scientific seminar on “Risk analysis for business decision making” was conducted by joint initiative  of ASUE Chair of Macroeconomics and International Center for Agribusiness Research and Education /ICARE/. The  seminar  was conducted  by Sona  Telunts, employer of Center for Agricultural and Rural Development Foundation, Project Manager, Coordinator  of  Development and Business Analysis Division of CARD AgroService CJSC, Professor of Agrobusiness Risk Modeling of ICARE Foundation. The  measure  was attended  by Karen Grigoryan, acting Head of the  Chair of Macroeconomics, Associate Professor, members of the  Faculty  staff, PhDs, Master’s degree students.

The  speaker  drew attendees’  attention on the  key  issues  of  carrying out risk analysis while making business decisions: separately discussing types  of  risks  (economic, market, financial, etc.), tools and methods of risk analysis.

The  meeting was conducted in Q & A and active discussion atmosphere.

P.S. Chair of  Macroeconomics has  initiated a series of scientific seminars, which are conducted by specialists from various areas.


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