Pawel Kliber Visited ASUE Gyumri Branch

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Today, Pawel Kliber, Professor of Poznan University of Economics  and Business,  visited ASUE Gyumri Branch, met students and academic staff, delivered a lecture.

Samson Davoyan, Director of the Branch, Professor, met the foreign guest, then they delivered lectures for students and alumni of Information Technology Center in Gyumri. Pawel Kliber spoke on “Financial Mathematics” referring to main financial tools, Samson Davoyan reported on  “Various Transformations of  Countries Comparative Effectiveness Assessment and Analysis”.

The  information was submitted by colleagues of  ASUE Foreign Relations Division, who had initiated the meeting and accompanied the guest to the Branch, noting that the foreign professor admired ASUE  students describing them active, inquisitive and knowledgeable.

ASUE Media and Public Relations Division 

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