Croatia 2 Students have Studied at ASUE within Frames of "Erasmus +"

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The 2nd year Masters of economics and tourism specialties of Juraj Dobrila University of Pula (Croatian) Davor Yachimovich and Tea Anichich have studied at ASUE within frames of “Erasmus +” programme since November 21. They  studied with the group of foreign students- the 2nd year Master of “Business Management” course.

Today was the last day of their study at ASUE. Foreign Relations Division, which is the programme coordinator at our University, invited us to the last training of the Croatian students, who have prepared presentations on “Microfinance in Croatia”  and “Corporate Social Responsibility in Croatia”, summing up the knowledge acquired at our University.

ASUE Media and Public Relations Division talked to students, recorded their impressions of ASUE, Armenia and the Armenians.

“Everything is great at ASUE, professors are good specialists and know how to explain the material to be accessible to everyone”; Davor said noting that he had acquired a lot. Tea added “The Armenians are good people, kind, friendly”.

They  have visited sights of Armenia accompanied by employees of ASUE Foreign Relations Division.

Head of the Division Vard Gukasyan mentioned  that student of ASUE Gyumri Branch Haykaram Dremyan is studying in the mention University in Croatia within frames of “Erasmus +” programme. He left on October and will return soon. The Head of the Division mentioned  that ASUE won’t host students in this semester, instead, ASUE professors, representatives of administrative staff and PhDs will leave to partner Universities.


ASUE Media  and Public Relations Division 

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