ASUE Rector Koryun Atoyan’s New Year Message

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Dear ASUE members,

according to a beautiful tradition, ASUE Rector, Doctor of Economics, Professor Koryun Atoyan congratulated everybody’s New Year.

Dear friends,

The year 2017 has ended, each of us has enriched its biography for another year. Another year left its indelible trace for our families and for our homeland, for humanity. We managed to work, fight, strive, create and build in the 365-day series. The World has experienced a number of bad and good events, which got their feedback in our hearts, in our lives and in their way of life. For many, the past year slipped like a happy moment, for some it was a long and painful one.

Everything depends on what we have experienced in nowadays changing times, what challenges we have overcome, what achievements we have, and how optimistic we are.

Dear colleagues, students, in our large collective like everywhere, big and small, good and bad events were recorded, but we emphasized the good and we tried to build on it the new achievements. However, we did not ignore the failures, we tried to learn lessons and make conclusions.

Nevertheless, on the board of the old and new we look ahead, fill with hope and positive expectations, and see our nowadays successes and victories in the light of bright future. And we are the ones who make our victories: everyone who works diligently and professionally every day are the students, who come to study, appreciate the best time of their life, their parents' efforts, and want to become worthy members of society.

I hope that 2018 will be a good year, period of health, joy for our homeland - a time of peace and uprising. I am convinced that our team will work together in unity and solidarity by strengthening and multiplying its achievements in science and education, our students will be better educated and more competitive. Let us rely on our strength, will and diligence, cherish and accomplish our bright dreams, believe in the victory of goodness, honesty and create our upcoming optimistically.

 Happy New Year and Merry Christmas.

KORYUN ATOYAN, ASUE Rector, Professor

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