The 10th Graders of N114 High School at ASUE

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Today, Economic stream of the 10th grade of N114 High School after Khachik Dashtents accompanied by the teacher Hasmik Torosyan was hosted at our University in the frames of ASUE-High School cooperation.

Mihrdat Harutyunyan, Vice Rector of  Educational Organizational Matters, Ashot Matevosyan, Dean of the Department of Accounting and Auditing, Mary Badalyan, Vice Dean of the Department of Management, Executive Secretary of Admission Committee, Gayane Khanumyan, Assistant Professor in the Chair of  Theory of Economics, Lusine Karagulyan, Head of ASUE-High School cooperation project, lecturer of the Chair of Foreign Languages, Hovhannes Harutyunyan, Deputy President of ASUE SC, members of SC met the pupils at ASUE Conference Hall, presented specialties, specializations, University structure, academic and scientific activities, procedures, improved environmental and technical base, student life, various student projects, which are provided for the students.

After the meeting the students took a tour round the University buildings, yard, gym, library, computer halls.

Lusine Karagulyan told Media and Public Relations Division that these meetings would be continued.




ASUE Media and Public Relations Division

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