ASUE “Brainiest” student participated in summer school in Cyprus

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Tigran Petrosyan, the  winner  of  “Brainiest” intellectual  game, the 3rd  year  student  of  Banking  specialty, Department of  Finance,  got an opportunity to attend summer school in abroad as a prize. On August 2-16, 2016, our  student participated  in summer  school in Cyprus.

Tigran Petrosyan told  ASUE Media  and Public Relations  Division about his impressions got during the  summer school. He  mentioned  that the  summer school was an excellent opportunity  to combine vacations and  education.

P.S. “Tntesaget” magazine will refer to ASUE  student, the “Brainiest” student  in Armenia under “Our talented students” heading.

ASUE  Media  and Public  Relations Division 

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