The results of full-time MA admission

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The results of full-time  MA admission  for  the  2016-2017 academic  year have  already  been  summed  up,  and  today, ASUE  Admission Committee publishes  the  list  of  entrants.

P.S.  The threshold  exams  were  passed on August 30, 2016.

The  results  are available in ASUE  official  website:

The  schedule  of  the 1st year  students have  also  been published  and  are  available in the  official  website (there  may be some  changes):ֆակուլտետներ/դասացուցակ/մագիստրատուրա-320.

Note, that the  admission of  documents of  part-time  BA  and MA programs is going  on  and  will  be  over on September 25. 

More  information on  required documents,  specialties,  tuition fee  and  other  details  is  presented in this  link:

Congratulations  to  all  1st year  MA  students.

Welcome  to ASUE.

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