“Think Tanks in modern political processes” SEG presented outcomes of the research

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 “Think Tanks in modern political processes” ASUE SEG    has  presented outcomes  of an one-year-research (132 pages).

Note, that  the supervisor   of  the  group  is Vardan Atoyan, the Deputy Director  of Noravank Foundation, Associate  Professor  in the  Chair  of Political Science and Law, ASUE, Candidate  in Economics,  the members of this scientific group are Associate Professor  Sofia Ohanyan and lecturer  Arpine Malkdjyan.

The authors of  research  mention  that in the political processes of the last decade role of a new public policy subject is increasing permanently. These new public policy establishments are called Think Thanks. In general development of Think Tanks in different countries is conditioned by awareness of political elite, importance of applying intellectual potential of specialized centers in solving public, political, economic, social, ecological and other issues. As nodal points and unique interface Think Tanks provide cooperation between academic/expertise groups, are engaged in research, analytical activities, carry decision and project expertise, normative acts and programs adopted by governing bodies, provide consultations, educational services, etc.

The research will serve as a base for “Think Tanks in Public Policy”  course,  for handbook preparation  and will  be  useful for  the professionals,  lecturers, students dealing with the discussed issues  and all those interested in the problems of modern political processes, the role of Think Tanks.

The research  is  available  in ASUE  official  website: http://media.asue.am/upload/gitausumnakan/ATOYAN_OHANYAN_MALKJYAN_-_TT-in-contemporary-political-processes.pdf .

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