Discussing draft of the RA Law on Higher Education in final seminar: SEG reports were summed up

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Today, the  final  report  of  “Higher Education Management”  SEG   was  held  in ASUE  Conference  Hall, which  was  attended  by ASUE  Rector, Professor Koryun Atoyan, who  is  the  Head of  the  group, Gagik Vardanyan, Vice Rector  of  Science  and  International  Relations, Paruir Kalantaryan, Vice Rector  of  Educational Methodological Matters, Samvel Avetisyan, Director of  “Amberd”  Research  Center, collaborators  of  the  Center,  collaborators  of  Science   Division, members  of Faculty  staff, SEGs.

Today,  in addition  to  presenting the results of SEG activities, the  draft of  the  RA  Law  on “Higher Education”  was  also  discussed.

In his opening remarks, Rector Koryun  Atoyan  presented  two issues  of  the  seminar.  

“The RA  Law  on “Higher Education”    should  be  submitted  to the  RA  NA  till  the  end  of  the  year.  The  draft  was  discussed  in various formats.

A discussion was  held  in Aghveran and  representatives  of our  University  participated  in it. Now,  it’ll   also be  discussed in our University”; said  Rector referring to  the draft  Law.

Mary Badalyan,  member  of   “Higher Education Management”  SEG, Candidate  of  Sciences,  Associate  Professor  reported  and  presented some  articles  of  the  draft  Law,  discussion around  which  was  held, proposals  were  submitted.

The  proposals developed in our  University  will  be  submitted  to  the  RA  MES.

At  the  2nd  sector  of  the meeting, Mary  Badalyan  presented the  final  report  of “Higher Education Management”  SEG,  stressing that this  stage  is devoted  to development  of internal policies and procedures.

So,  the  reports  of  ASUE 2015-2016 SEG  were  summed  up.


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