MA admission in ASUE is going on

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Today,  Mary Badalyan, the  Executive  Secretary of  ASUE  Admission Committee, informs  that  the  first  stage /free MA program/ of  full-time MA  admission  for  2016-2017 academic  year is  over, in the  result  263 applications  for  160 places.

The competition  will  be  held until  June 15, after  which  the  names  of 154 admitted  students  will  be  announced. Those  who  have demobilized from the  army  during  the  last 3 years  can apply  for  the  other 6 places. Admission of  applications  for  the latters will  be  continued  until August 25.

The  second  stage /paid MA program/  of full-time MA  admission for  2016-2017 academic  year  is  going  on.  Both  students  of  our  University  and other Universities  can  apply  for  this  stage.

ASUE  Media  and Public Relations  Division 

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