Seminar on “Business Thinking” at ASUE

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Yesterday, Aghasi Tavadyan,  Assistant Professor at the Chair of Management, initiated  and  organized seminar  on “Business  Thinking, Change  Yourself to Change  the  World”,  which  was  attended  by  students,  University collaborators.

During the  seminar  the  speaker referred  to the  issues  that  develop  business  thinking, help to realize ideas and be proactive.

Aghasi  Tavadyan mentioned  that  the  seminar  had a special message to  motivate students  and  listeners, to develop their business, proactive thinking.

“We must be able to evaluate ideas, to manage time: which requires additional skills, development issues  of  which  were  discussed  during  this  seminar. Such seminars  are  planned  to  be  held in the near future”; said  Aghasi  Tavadyan.


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