Koryun Atoyan’s Congratulatory Message on Students and Youth Day

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Dear students,

we  present  ASUE  Rector, Professor Koryun Atoyan’s congratulatory message  on Students  and Youth Day:

Dear students  and young people,

today  is legally marked as  Student  and Youth Day in our  country  for  the  first  time.

According to the amendment  to the RA Law “On holidays and memorial days”, May 16, the day of  foundation of YSU as a day of students and youth. The amendment was submitted to the RA Government by the Minister of Education and Science.

Youth is the age of discovery and development of human forces, “flower height” when life boils in the veins, creative spirit leads to self-improvement.

Yes, the society relies on the potential of youth in all its creative and innovative initiatives.

A striking evidence of our modern heroes, is the feats of young Armenians  keeping our homeland borders impregnable, denoting  their  lives  to our country.

 I assure  that the older generation admires, is  proud of  you and  believes  in you…

We are confident that the future of our country is in good hands.

ASUE Rector, Professor

Koryun Atoyan