ASUE members as Inter-University Judo Championship winners (updated)

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Recently, Judo Championship  took place within the  framework  of the 17th sport games  of  the  RA University students.  50 students  from 10 Universities competed  in six weight classes.

Harutyun Abrahamyan, the 4th year student, Department of  Management, won the  first prize in 90 weight class, and Andranik Margaryan, student at ASUE Gyumri Branch, won the 3rd prize  in 60 weight class.

Arman Gyulyan, responsible for judo  sport  in our  University,  lecturer  at  the  Chair  of  Physical Training,  Emergency   Situations and Civil   Defense  told  ASUE  Media and Public  Relations  Division  that  Harutyun’s final meeting after 4 fights was  with the  representative  of YSU,  who  was strong  competitor,  but  Harutyun won  and  became  the  champion.

Harutyun  Abrahamyan told  Media  and Public  Relations  Division that he has engaged in professional judo  since 2002,  and allocates 2-3 hours to favorite sport  every  day.

“It’s  great  honor for  me  to  present ASUE, as I  graduate  this  year  and  I won’t  have  any  opportunity  to  perform as a  student, that’s  way I  did my  best  to win and  keep high the University name”; mentioned Harutyun.

The dream of our athlete is to  participate in the Olympic games  and win. 

Tomorrow,  Harutyun will leave for Orenburg  to  participate in European Judo Championship and  to  present our  country.

Congratulations  to our athletes  and  new  victories.

ASUE  Media and Public  Relations  Division

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