Nominal Scholarship Holders for the 2019-2020 Academic Year

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Today, the regular sitting of ASUE Rectorate Board was held with one agenda item. Armen Grigoryan, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs reported the item of “Allocating Nominal Scholarship for the 1st Half of the 2019-2020 Academic Year”, presenting the names of candidates nominated to the mandate committee. Here we present the name list established by the Rectorae Board:

  • Anahit Sahakyan – Faculty of Management,
  • Ani Yeghoyan – Faculty of Finance,
  • Andranik Margaryan – Faculty of Regulation of Economy and International Economic Relations,
  • Meline Abrahamyan – Faculty of Marketing and Business Organization,
  • Marianna Danielyan – Faculty of Computer Science and Statistics,
  • Hayk Kalantaryan – Faculty of Accounting and Auditing,
  • Irina Sargsyan - Faculty of Regulation of Economy and International Economic Relations.

Current items were touched upon after agenda item, the Deans presented students’ applications addressed to ASUE acting Rector Diana Galoyan.

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