AMBERD Among the Top 100 University Affiliated Think Tanks in the World

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On January 31, 2019, Vardan Atoyan, the Deputy Director-Senior Expert of AMBERD Research Center, Doctor of Sciences (Political Science), participated in “Why Facts and Think Tanks Matter” international forum at the Brookings Institution by the received invitation, during which the annual “Global Go To Think Tank” rating report by the University of Pennsylvania is published.
As our colleague reports from Washington, DC, the TTCSP rating of the University of Pennsylvania is considered to be the most authoritative in the field of think tanks, and “Why Facts and Think Tanks Matter” forum hosts both the heads of well-known think tanks and experts in the field. It’s already second year AMBERD Research Center of Armenian State University of Economics is ranked among the think tanks global rating report. However, according to the 2018 report, AMBERD has not only improved its position in the rating of “Top Think Tanks in Central Asia” section, but also achieved unprecedented success ranking 94th in the World among Best University Affiliated Think Tanks. AMBERD is the only university affiliated think tank in Armenia, which is ranked in that section of rating. “I think this is not only an unprecedented achievement, but also an important one for Armenia and the result of the complex, large-scale and consistent activity of AMBERD for the recent years supported by Armenian State University of Economics leadership. Certainly, it’s joyful and obligatory that only 6-year-old center records such results. For example, many of the World's best think tanks have about one-century-history. At the same time, this result shows that, even with limited resources, AMBERD carries out targeted and productive activity towards internationalization. Naturally, we will try to keep at least the current outcome in the global rating report for the coming years, and if possible, we will also try to improve our positions. Let's be realistic and first try strengthen and truly appreciate this practical, measurable and officially recorded success. Let me add that I also use this invitation to conduct working meetings with representatives of the world best think tanks located in DC and to discuss cooperation opportunities with AMBERD"; Dr. Vardan Atoyan stated.

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