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New Working Year and Final Examination Process at ASUE

Today is the  first working day  of 2017. All subdivisions are  in working rhythm,  students are  hurrying  up to examination rooms-final exams  of full-time  and  part-time studies of the  1st  semester /2016-2017 academic year/  have started. In the  interview  with ASUE  Media and Public Relations  Division...

Protection of graduate works: part-time BA program

2015-2016 academic year is coming to an end. BA  and  MA  students  are  passing  graduate  exams on these days, and  the 5th year  students of  part-time BA program are  protecting diploma works. ASUE  Media  and Public Relations  Division took a  tour  in different Departments  and  talked  with Deans, wondered...


ASUE  Masters  won’t  pass  final  exam according to the dicision  accepted  at  Scientific Council’s  session on  March 28, 2012.  So the  graduates  of  full-time  and  part-time Master’s  program  will  present   only  Master  thesis. ASUE  Media   and  Public  Relations  Division