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“I am Waiting for the Sound of a Native Bell, Which Will Mark the End of All This and the Reopening of the Doors of the Beloved University” - Marat Gasparyan

Everything has a beginning and an end. Of course, there are exceptions, of course, the universe is endless… This academic year is coming to an end. Half of the semester was the beginning of a new reality, we became users of online education. The "Student Diary" project of was dedicated to this new reality....

Distance Learning also Transfers Computer Skills, which is one of the Main Requirements of the Nowadays Employer: Narek Kesoyan

We talked about the current stage of distance learning with Narek Kesoyan, acting Dean of the Faculty of Marketing and Business Organization, PHD in Economics, Associate Professor. The interview is  available at Armenian version. ASUE Media  and Public Relations Division

We Managed to Change the Format of Education and Introduce a New System In a Short Period of Time: Sos Khachikyan

While being interviewed by, Sos Khachikyan, Dean of ASUE Faculty of Computer Science and Statistics, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor, presented the process of distance learning at the Faculty. Read the full interview in Armenian version. You can also read the interviews with the Deans of...

Sofya Ohanyan – Participant of International Philosophical Conference

On September 25-28, International Philosophical Conference on “Russian Logos: Horizons of Interpretation” held in Saint Petersburg, Russia within frames  of the measures dedicated  to the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution, which  was  organized  by St. Petersburg State Technological...